Our School has a detailed reading program that has been incorporated into the school academics. Reading a good book helps the mind relate to positivity, creativity and implants goodness in the mind of a child. This program ensures every student reads one book a month and writes a review based on what he or she has read. This program is aimed to increase their vocabulary which helps students to be creative writers.

This program would be started with young readers of Grade I and II being introduced to Picture books while classes III to IX would be introduced to story books. This gradual increase in reading habit will kindle the excitement and enthusiasm and assist the student to read more and gain more knowledge. Each class has been equipped with a class library that would enable the students to read their favourite book during the reading class.

Our library has a rich list of books, journals and magazines to help them to meet the intellectual and academic needs of both students and staff of the school. We have subscribed to the leading publications that keep our library equipped with most up-to-date copies that enables our readers to keep in touch with recent developments and advancements in the areas of education, science and technology, health and well-being and lifestyle.

Computer Lab

Computer education is a vital aspect of a child’s development and intellectual well-being in school. Technology advancements have changed the way education system works today and computers have enabled a child’s mind to evolve faster and more efficient through the usage of visual arts, interactive web media, animation and creative role plays.

We provide our students computer education from Grade I. The interactive software and media enables the children to grasp the material in a quicker and effective manner. The curriculum has been designed to ensure the child is adept with technology and empower them to benefit from the knowledge of computers from day one. The school has a computer lab that is installed with a wide range of recent software, internet enabled and multimedia rich for their learning, growing and evolving. As we see the transformation from notebooks to smart boards, we are aware of how multimedia is playing an important role in shaping the child’s creativity and empowering them to create ideas and execute them at a young age. Keeping that in mind, our school is focused on ensuring the children are in sync with the digital age and stand apart in their knowledge and creativity.

Smart Interactive Digital Class Room

Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to help teachers meet their day-to-day classroom challenges and enhance the student’s academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology.

There are many advantages to this in today’s education system. From notebooks to smart boards, the usage of multimedia and enhanced visual arts has scientifically proven to leave a lasting impression in the child’s mind.

MVM CBSE partnered with Oxford as our Technology Provider

Oxford has been installed for better teaching and learning. Teachers use this teaching and to make their lessons interesting, captivating and enjoyable.

Oxford is a digital learning ecosystem which makes the end-to-end process of teaching and learning easy and more engaging. At the core of Oxford is a rich multimedia based on pedagogically appropriate content mapped to school curriculum.

Some of the benefits of being a smart class are:

  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity.
  • Brings abstract and monotonous curriculum concepts to life.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Improves academic performance of students.
  • Enables instant assessment of learning outcomes in class.