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Frequently Asked Questions

With less than a month to go for my CBSE board exams, I am under too much stress to perform. What should I do?

CBSE board exams are much like the exams that you have been taking. If you have prepared well, know your subjects well and trust yourself, there is no need to panic. Exercise, meditate and talk to your parents or someone who has been through the grind and whose sense of judgment you trust. Do not study for long hours if you are through with your syllabus. If you feel that there is pressure and you are unable to handle it and your self-esteem is coming down and you are unable to cope, then you may consult a psychiatrist to help you tide over this phase.

Where can I check my CBSE board exam results?

Our sister website, ExamResults, hosts board exam results and is the perfect place to check your results, whether it be for class X or class XII.

What if I don't get the marks I'm expecting?

Concentrate on your achievements and be realistic about what you should expect. Usually, we know when we have made a mistake, so take these into account while drawing up expected marks. If you are still dissatisfied with the results, the option of rechecking is always open.

If a student fails in the pre Board examination conducted by the school, can he/she be detained from appearing in Class X or XII Board’s exam?

No, certainly not, if he/she is otherwise eligible.

Is it possible for a student who has failed in Science stream in Class XII to change subjects to pass at subsequent examinations?

Yes, but with prior permission of the Board.

Is the candidate allowed to see the answer script in case the result is not as per the expectations?

No. There is no provision of showing answer scripts. The candidate can apply for scrutiny, for reconfirmation of marks.

If a candidate passes in the additional subject but fails in one of the main subjects, what will the result show?

The candidate will be considered as having passed the examination in such a case. A language will replace a language only. For further details the scheme of examinations and bye-laws can be referred to.

How many sets of question papers are distributed in examination hall in Board’s examination?

The Board prepares three sets of questions papers in all the main subjects having equal difficulty level.