Students Life


Students Life

LIFE AT MVM doesn’t just take place in the classroom. We have comfortable campus living, more than 400 student clubs and organizations, a Division I athletics program, concerts, world-renowned speakers and much more.

What to Do in MVM

Performances, lecture series, gallery openings and events that bring the community together: At MVM, you’ll find a lot to do, regardless of the time of year or how much money is in your pocket.


We have exceptional athletic programs that compete in the district, state & national level. We also guide students in sports like cricket, football, volleyball and many indoor & outdoor games.

Getting Involved

Academics are important, but there’s so much more to your MVM experience. Forge lifetime friendships through clubs and community service. Learn about yourself and the world around you through leadership and diversity groups.

Canteens & Food Court

MVM provides healthy and tidy canteens to the students with best quality and at affordable cost by keeping the health of the students.